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A rip roaring jaunt through the bowels of Shed Manor

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Oh my God I can't believe I remembered my log in details for this! Old profile pictures and heinous memories abound!
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Indeed, good day to you all.

I've finally managed to update my website so it no longer says copyright 2007, progress!

Also the manor has come together with a more coherent look and new shiny page, mainly due to it's first incarnation being based on several ideas I had for a website and then sort of mashing them together like the all day breakfast pasty. Whose horrors I have seen with my own eyes in the dark wilds of Bude whilst taking a sabbatical in the Cornish Riviera.

Anyhoo flash backs to the Somme aside, take a look and let me know if it's working ok.

Ergo Bibimus!


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Good evening my Lords and Ladies, I've finally finished that children's book that has been causing me much consternation, and so have been able to work once more on Banbridge Scotte and his mildly rambunctious wafflings and such like.

so here for your perusal is the next three pages in his japesome antics, be gentle I'm still sore from the most bladdered myself and the Contessa De Vestibule engaged in last week.

Sartorial shennanigans beyond the cutCollapse )
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What ho!

Thanks to the radiant Contessa De Vestibule, I can now display the wonderment that is Banbridge Scotte to the last vestiges of the Empire.

So here it is, I must confess I have re-arranged some of the lettering on page one since sending these to her to work her magic on. Also the fact that it appears I have misspelled libido is a source of shameful kudos, or some such.

Sartorial shennanigans beyond the cutCollapse )
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What, what!

I finally finished the first three pages of Banbridge Scotte's first adventure, so here they are in all their moribund glory. For the record I claim to be no kind of letterer ( best to get the excuses in quick ).

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What ho!

Well, as the excruciatingly slow process of updating my website drags on I had a change of heart over my web comic, which you may or may not have noticed only had one episode. Instead of the 3 or 4 panel newspaper style strip it was I've decided to bite the bullet and write the bloody thing as a four issue mini series. Pertaining in the future to be an actual book of not a little embarrassment on the part of my incredibly rusty writing skills, or lack of therein.

As I literally draw my own blood from my eyes writing the script I thought I'd post up the cover to Issue one just to see what everyone thought, if anyone reads this that is I may be getting ideas above my station...

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Good day! Indeed it has been long since I last posted bringing relief to those who thought the Winchester had slipped and crushed my head beneath his graceful bulk.

That clutch I fitted worked like a good'un, until the gearbox tore itself apart and the engine had a top end failure simultaneously during a classic car run to Southend. Luckily we had enough power to limp to the safe house in Essex and there he languished for a couple of weeks until I could get him towed home on the back of a lorry, the shame.

On getting the old man back home I discovered a bit of rot on the underside which turned into half of the car being comprised of imaginary metal, most upsetting. Removal of more panels revealed yet more horrors making the decision a simple one, it's time to embark on a total nut and bolt rebuild of my faithful steed (the Winchester not Skinner Von Drums).

This was a couple of months ago and as I wait for the welder I bought to arrive I've been getting busy with stripping and re-spraying the doors and bonnet. I thought I'd document the progress here if only to prove I have the hairy man skills belayed by my homosexual appearance.

So without further a do here's some pictures of a bit of the mission ahead and some pictures of where he's at now, hurrah!

behold the lack of sill!

Yes thats the floor of the garage through there.

The fact he stayed together so long is a testament to Fred Dibnah and British steel!

Who needs a floor?

The old paint scheme

Lovely new paint scheme, yum yum.

He's never looked better!

Lovely chrome spotlights I hunted down at the Battlesbridge auto jumble, dribble.

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Well the time has finally come I can put up with the crunching gear change no longer. So the gearbox has to come out of the Winchester so I can recondition the clutch, which in all honesty is going to be a pig of a job.
50 years worth of rust on the bolts and the loss of several fingers and probably an eye shall be the highlights of the day.Before unheard levels of cursing and blasphemy shall echo across the leafy suburbs scaring small children and dogs who subsequently maul the children in their terror. Happy days :D
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Indeed marvel! for in a drunken stupor I appear to have aquired the John Hancock of one Jim Robinson on the back of a picture of Her Royal Highness the Queen, which I had purchased along with some HobNobs and a small tin of Earl Grey just moments before.

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Some unmitigated cunt has just hit the Winchester and torn his rear bumper in half, I am enraged! fucking school run parents drive like a drunken prostitute dying of syphilis! then this prick tries to tell me I was reversing when I was parked, engine off, gear lock on! Ooh can we bend it back in shape? no you cuntwrag you've fucked the fucking chrome up you piss stain!
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